More detail coming soon, but for now …

Since establishing the business in 2010, Restart-Ed has worked for a range of clients, including:

Relational Schools Project – initially supported fundraising and business development support; then supported business planning toward a merger with a sister charity; now leading research and consulting projects and designing a consultancy offer to apply relational proximity IP at system (school-to-school) level (since 2014)

Koulu – providing strategic support to a Helsinki-based start-up, with the aim of exporting Finnish teacher training and school curricula (since 2017)

Education Support Partnership – initially led a project evaluating organisational culture and employee engagement, to inform a restructure (2013-14); was then hired for a year as strategy lead for post-restructure business planning and design (2015-16)

Engage Education – provide market and policy intelligence, and strategic advice to this specialist recruitment agency (since 2012)

Meissa – work as an associate with this leading education-specialist market intelligence and strategic consulting firm, supporting the production of a monthly journal (The Assignment Report), plus corporate research projects for clients like Cambridge Assessment Group, Pearson, TES & Wiley (since 2011)

CfBT – supported the international and UK business development team with advice, research and bid writing services (2014)

InnoOmnia – supported the preparation of a brand and export strategy for this innovative Finnish FE provider (2013)

RSA Education – worked as an education associate; led the development of the Grand Curriculum Designs course in curriculum-design for school leaders; developed the area-based curriculum project in Peterborough; contributed to the Academies Commission and Missing Middle reports; and helped establish a network of ‘associates’ to support ongoing work (2012-15)

Institute of Education – carried out a strategic review of the Grand Curriculum Designs programme for re-launch (2015)

RSAcademics Ltd – contributed chapters to the Ten Trends report for independent school leaders and governors; assisted with executive searches for MAT CEOs (2015)

Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge – commissioned to produce the state of the region report into the quality of arts education in the East of England (2013)

Whole Education – provision of business development and communications support (ad hoc since 2011)