This isn’t just Factory Schooling. This is Battery Schooling.

The rationale for intensive, ‘factory’ or ‘battery’ farming of chickens is all about productivity. By arranging cages in long rows on multiple tiers and standardising the input processes (feeding, medication, waste control, measurement, mechanisation), more laying hens or broilers can be housed in a given space, production can be systematised, quality more easily controlled, natural […]

It takes two (or more) to tango

A guide to dating for schools, or how to collaborate [something I wrote for Relational Schools, here]  “Inter-agency collaboration in the public sector has been viewed as a self-evident virtue in complex societies for several decades, yet has remained conceptually elusive and perennially difficult to achieve” (Hardy et al, 1999).   The emergent academies programme […]

Mission accomplished?

I’ve always been slightly troubled by time many organisations spend creating vision and mission statements. For a new organisation, or one doing something quite distinctive, unique, or entirely values-based, then it kind of makes sense. But I can’t see how the struggle to describe that in a short pithy form is worth the effort. Any potential meaning […]